What is Infrared Photography? Best Shooting Techniques for Infrared Photography

Infrared Digital Photography

Infrared of IR is a shape of light wave that is not visible to the individual eye. In the electromagnetic range, IR waves are grouped among visible light and radio waves, having a length of one to two hundred microns or millionths of a meter. IR photography is strange in the sense that it relies on the aptitude of the camera to record what is not visible to the eye by capturing infrared emission instead of images. Infrared photography is not a latest method. It has been approximately for several years but only very little used it with movie because it was very luxurious and tricky to do. When digital cameras came along, doing IR photography became considerably cheaper and easier.

Infrared Digital Photography

Shooting Techniques

Once you’ve got your camera ready with an infrared filter, you’re prepared to go away out and shoot. Landscapes and a vivid sky make the top subjects when starting out. Portraits of people in sunlight also make attractive compositions. Every camera is dissimilar so you’ll desire to trial with a variety of settings and their result. Some cameras are able of taking high-quality digital infrared photography in “automatic” mode, so try that first.

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