The 40 Best Selected Wallpapers from National Geographic Magazine

No doubt National Geographic features unbelievable photography. The authors and photographers for National Geographic are one of the mainly diverse and dedicated people, and this is very clear in every periodical they discharge. From city to country areas, from the cultured to the most foreign to the most deserted of locations, from happy proceedings to catastrophic ones, from home to the expert life, and spiritual and beyond, these people cover almost every bit of in sequence of every feature of this world.

The photographic as well as journalistic excellence of National Geographic is truly undeniable.

40 photos

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52 Responses to “The 40 Best Selected Wallpapers from National Geographic Magazine”

  1. leo says:

    is this for all the old 4:3 CRT monitor folks? can’t be for the majority of civilization using widescreen monitors.

  2. heidi redondo says:

    this is the most beautifull pictures that I had seen never.

    • nataliepintal says:

      This is the most grammatically incorrect sentence I have ever seen, ever.

      What you should have said is, “These are the most beautiful (no two L’s) pictures I have ever seen.”

      What you actually said, “I have never seen any of these pictures before, but they are beautiful.” But you didn’t even use the right tense, so really you didn’t see the picture, so how would you know how many there were or how beautiful they were?

      Not to be mean or anything. I’m not an English teacher or anything, but this just made me giggle.

      • Flip says:

        I am an English major, and when studying literature and language, you will learn that not everyone speaks English. Perhaps our friend that you are so neatly correcting does not speak English as a first language. Would you like to comment on these photos in a second language? Go ahead, we will critique it. Oh….

      • OdellaDelilah says:

        that was a really douchey thing to say. adding a smiley face to something rude doesn’t automatically make it okay.

  3. ppayaji™ says:

    sometimes, pictures better than nature.
    fantastic, awesome, beautiful… i can’t find out the word for these.

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  5. afcles says:

    niice work

  6. Samuel says:

    If you’re going to call these wallpapers, it would be nice to mention that they’re only really suitable for 4:3 displays, which are incredibly rare today. And even then, they’re too tiny to really call wallpapers (989×742). These are simply images, not wallpapers. They’re stunning images, yes, but calling them wallpapers is stretching it a bit. Just saying – I’m tired of coming across blogs that claim to have a list of wallpapers when they’re either too tiny or of an inappropriate aspect ratio to really be called wallpapers. It’s a pet peeve of mine, I guess.

    • paul says:

      mine is when people don’t really know what they’re talking about. Yeah the aspect ratio is a bit off, but you can always crop them to fit your needs. And if you would but CLICK on them, it brings a much higher resolution photo, and a 1600×1200 downloadable version.

  7. Jim says:

    Thanks you for the beautiful wallpapers. They are very pretty.

    It makes perfectly sense to me that you post this ratio because they serve the biggest group of computer users. Leo and Samuel don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Probably they both have wide screen and think that the rest of the world has wide screen as well.


    1024×768 –> 26.81% not wide screen
    1280×800 –> 17.10% wide screen
    1366×768 –> 10.20% wide screen
    1280×1024 –> 9.12% not wide screen

    All the other screen resolutions represent less than 8%.

    Ya, perfect choice to me, this resolution.

    Well done and thanks again.

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  9. Ashley says:

    Can everyone quit crying about the size of the pictures my god.

  10. Malle says:

    I love these wallpapers! Really high quality and beautiful pictures!

  11. nataliepintal says:

    Alright, just one question… Why do people who do not understand how to (a) type correctly, (b) speak correctly, or (c) spell or even understand the english language correctly even bother to type a comment on here? I swear, a good percentage of the comments on here make absolutely NO sense! It cracks me up, so don’t stop! But, I just don’t understand how the world has become so dumb over the years. Go to school kids.

    • SONNY says:

      natalie, i want to lick your pussy because obviously, it must not have been licked in a long time.

    • khip says:

      @nataliepintal-with-the-sand-in-her-jay-jay: Did it ever occur to you that maybe English isn’t their first language? You knew what they were trying to say, but still made a big deal about it. And then when everybody ignored you, you made yet ANOTHER comment about it.

      Get over yourself, you’re pathetic.

    • Flip says:

      You are kidding right? You are telling people to go to school? Maybe you should explore culture and attempt to learn a second language, as based upon the names of some of the people who have posted said improper English and grammar, it is clear that English is a second language to them. So, maybe YOU should go back to school before criticizing the entire world. Funny how many people can speak English (as a second language) but so many native-English speakers can’t speak a second, or even understand the absurdity of mocking someone for their foreign writing.

  12. Connor says:

    Hey pintal,

    I think you mean: “Go to school, kids.”

    And if we’re really going to get into this, it’s the English language, and you probably could do without that Oxford comma.


    P.S. chill.

  13. Grover says:

    Nice wallpapers for my paper walls..

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  15. Andy says:

    Liked the penguin picture.

  16. lik654 says:

    Great web site! I am realy happy stumbling upon it!

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  18. Jessi says:

    Estoy gratamente sorprendida por la belleza de las fotografías…son maravillosas. Gracias al que las subió……..Pensar que son momentos capturados de la realidad…….a veces tan lejana…Pero estas imágenes me recuerdan que existe un mundo maravilloso…obra de Dios y su infinito amor.
    También me sorprendieron los comentarios…….los considero.. (sin intención de ofender, pero con la misma libertad de expresión válida hasta para el más humilde de los seres humanos) prosaicas y carentes de sensibilidad ¿Te sientes engañado porque a ti no te funcionaría como fondo de pantalla? ¿De verdad consideras importante la estadística de la cantidad de poseedores de diferentes tamaños de pantallas? ¿Qué puedo decir del señor que realizó un exhaustivo análisis gramatical, por diversión? Siento que olvidaron lo que nos convoca: “la belleza” Siento que sería más acertado preguntarnos cómo podemos rodearnos de belleza, para sentirnos que somos parte de un ecosistema hermoso; como educar a nuestros niños para que protejan y respeten la belleza de la naturaleza, aunque no sea tan impactante como estas maravillosas tomas. Cómo hacer conciencia de que debemos proteger aquel árbolito que está en frente de nuestro hogar y regarlo con amor, en la noche para no desperdiciar el oro del futuro : el agua. ¿Cómo asegurarnos de formar ciudadanos conscientes de la enorme necesidad de mantener , conservar y educar para el cuidado de la infinita belleza de la naturaleza y de los espacios públicos? ¡Gracias por fotografiar la belleza, por acercarla, por permitirme disfrutarla!

  19. Ahmad says:

    Thanks for this photos I like them very much.

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  21. Prisc says:


  22. Pat says:

    What is with the retards posting comments on this page? Before you take your helmet off and try posting a comment, please try and take an english class.

  23. taylorjade. says:

    holy shit,

    not everyone speaks fucking english.
    practice makes perfect though, right? so maybe they’re learning to speak english, so screw off and leave these guys alone while they try to adhere to your perfect standards of how people should communicate.

    its also just a fucking comment on a website, they’re not writing a fucking essay. you got the fucking picture.

    you should probably look into having the sticks removed from your asses.

    -this is only for those who made stupid remarks about proper english and grammer-

  24. Jim V says:

    I wish people who have trouble communicating would just shut up.

  25. Big E says:

    eh…they are good, just not amazing…

  26. joseph david says:

    Everything was in the right place, timing, angle,light,even emotion attached! Bravo! Magnifico!!

  27. Alex says:


    Yeah, what is it with all the ‘retards’ posting comments this page? Why don’t they realise noone cares what they have to say, get a life and fack orf?

    (I’m talking about you by the way.)

  28. Megan says:

    k seriously. we are not here to grype and whine about how bad peoples grammar or spelling is blah blah blah. we are here to see these beautiful pictures. so shut up please and thanks (:

  29. Cállate says:

    You find the nicest people on the internet.

    So this comment is actually relevant [unlike most that are posted]: I really like the one of the bird with the berry in its mouth. The flow of the ice is amazing.

  30. Wen-Yu Weng says:

    Thank you Photoity and National Geography.

  31. Sam says:

    Great Pics


  32. heyo says:

    That arctic fox looks like a big fluffy kitty

  33. Modiglani Nropal says:

    pictures, these are good to see them like they was, you thank to me for they R contributions. Sorie 4 my speach i had a brain tumor and it afects pception and speach

  34. lee says:

    nice wallpapers

  35. Tahira Hyder says:

    just amazing

  36. The Crocodile is incredible. I hope they used a pole cam!

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