Stunning HDR Photography by Tambako The Jaguar

Reformed church of Gossau

HDR is really astounding. In picture dispensation, PC graphics, and shooting, high dynamic range image a set of techniques that allows a superior dynamic range among the lightest and darkest areas of a picture than modern typical digital imaging techniques. It’s often misunderstood. People often throw imagery into the latest software and mimic the simple, but often really unattractive, over processed HDR look. Applied cautiously, HDR method can create extremely good-looking pictures which haze our sense of the dissimilarity among reality and delusion. This post covers 40 extremely good-looking and perfectly executed HDR pictures. A few of them may look strange, too bright, even magic or false, but they are not keep in mind that they’ve all been urbanized out of customary photos, and not a single picture is an illustration.

Swamp landscape

The barn

Grazing Highland cows

Between two buildings

Rural scene

The village of Auvernier

Other view of the plains 2

The road to Walbach

Church HDR

Sunset over the vineyards

Stunning HDR Photography by Tambako The Jaguar

View of the Valley of Munster

The castle of Walbach

The castle of Walbach

The stone cross on the hill

Dreamlike church

The Fecht river

Pink tree

Pond and cloud

HDR Sunset

Swamp landscape

Reformiertes Pfarrhaus

Pond reflection

Catholic church of Serrières

HDR Landscape

A bunch of trees

HDR Landscape

HDR Landscape

The hive in the marsh

At the pond

HDR Landscape

The road to the alps

Along the path

HDR Forest

HDR Forest

Spring has to come...

House and well

Mysterious landscape

The border of the forest


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