Night Photography by Mike Jones

Night Photography

 Many digital photography beginners I know stick rigidly to daytime shots, apprehensive about their rate of success at night. There is a growing interest in a new kind of nighttime photography. Photographers have been taking photographs of the nighttime sky ever since film was invented. These photographs were generally long exposures that show beautiful star trails. When we think of nighttime photography, many of us shudder. Taking pictures at night seems to work against us! For one, it’s dark! Many pictures come out blurry because we turn off our flash to capture those beautiful lights. If our flash is on, it often over exposes our subjects or doesn’t reach far enough to shed light on the subject we are trying to capture. Photographing at night can definitely be difficult, but also lends so much potential. Many cities come to life at night, the moon gives everything a subtle glow, and even water provides unique photo opportunities. In this blog post, we will give you some quick tips and new ideas, allowing you to take charge of the night and capture those wonderful after-dark moments.

Blue Canyon

Colorado Capital

Denver Skyline

Now For Something Completely Different!

Lightning Over Barnegat Bay

The Golden Tower


Fireworks on Planet Krypton



Angry Sky


Bryce By Moonlight

The Happiest Place On Earth

Happy Halloween


Foggy Night

Happy 5th of July

The Milky Way

Full Moon Fever

Santa Monica

Distant Storm

Lake Mead Moonrise

Tonights Display

Freezing My Ass Off!

The Golden Gate



Stars and Stripes


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