Mind-blowing Macro Photography of Spiders by Thomas Shahan

Macro photography is a method which allows photographers to obtain close-up shots of subjects. Though it once referred wholly to photography which rendered the subject in life-size on the unenthusiastic, it has come to include roughly all exaggerated pictorial techniques. Macro photography differs in many ways from other types of photography.

Macro photography requires some particular gear. Most often, this includes worldwide lenses and addition tubes. The central span of a macro lens determines the negligible size of the objects it can capture. Focal lengths in the range of 50-60 mm are most often used for product photography or small substance. 90-105 mm lenses are suitable for insects and flowers. 150-200 mm lenses are most often used for small bug photography. Here is collection of stunning macro photography of spiders captured by Thomas Shahan.

20 Photos