Mesmerizing Sea Waters Photography by Katarina Stefanović

Ocean of possibilities..:)))

 A sea generally refers to a large body of salt water, but the term is used in other contexts as well. Most commonly, it means a huge expanse of saline water connected with an ocean, and is commonly used as a synonym for ocean.  One major problem with landscape photographs is that they can portrait a stunning scene but on the other hand it is a possibility that they would have no point of interest and thus can be boring and empty. So, while taking the shot, look for the focal point or point of interest so that it will give an attractive look to the photo. For case, the pattern in sand, footprints, waves over a rock etc. Below we present to you a collection of Mesmerizing Sea Photography shots that would really took your breath away.


Venus rock

Sea Photography


Sea Waters Photography


Ship sailing

Fun on the water

Mermaide beach


Water wall

Lady in blue

Sea sculpture

Oh, would I see this again?

Gracious power


Just one moment

Sea lace

Idyllic-summer landscape

Sea sculpture

Full sails ahead


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