How to Automated Watermark Photos Using Photoshop


People use different tools for watermarking the photographs. Mostly photographers add watermarks into photos for promoting themselves and reserve the copyrights.

Although there are many photo management tools that help the photographers in different matters. Photoshop plays an important role in the field of photography. Here, I’m presenting some useful steps for automated watermarking in Photoshop.

Select Your Watermark

Choose Your Watermark

People use watermarks at the end of photo. Firstly, you need to choose the words that are suitable for watermarking. For example, copyright © reserved by David or someone else.

Re-size a Photo

Open and Resize a Photo

You open the photo in Photoshop and change the size according to the requirement. The size should be suitable for better results.

Format Your Watermark

Format Your Watermark

After resizing the photo, type the watermark and select the format that you want to see on the photo. You need to click on finishing option after completing the editing process.

Position the Watermark

Position the Watermark

You need to look at the layers menu and select text layer and photography layer. Follow the below procedure for perfect position of watermark:

Select the layer

Click on Right Edges

Snap the lower Right Hand Edge

Select Lower Bottom Edges

Click on Text Layer

Nudge the layer with different sizes

Stop Recording

Stop Recording

You click on the square button for stopping current action. You need to open the image and click on play button for starting the automated watermarking system.

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