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Horse photography may be similar to pet photography but may not be limited to that. There is individuality of horses that are not applicable for all other pets. Professional photographers will tell you, horses are the tricky subjects for good photography. You should always believe of producing a proportion picture. You may have taken an image of your horse that has looked uncomfortable and somewhat bizarre. Here are some easy tips for better Horse Photography.

Photo Tips

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I’ve picked up some tricks for equine photography over the years by studying photos in the breed magazines and experimenting with a camera. It’s a deep theme that would take a full-fledged book to present thoroughly, but I will try to offer a few tips that will help you avoid the mistakes.


Horse Photography Tips

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Because horses are so big, it is essential to get back at least 15 or 20 feet to prevent distortion, and a camera with a telephoto lens is a huge help. If you get too close, and say it’s a head-on shot, the animal’s snout and features will be gigantic, and the rest of the body will appear tiny.

Best Angle

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If you are taking front or rear shots, do it from an angle of about 45 degrees, and position yourself so that all 4 legs are evenly spaced as you view them, rather than a set of hind legs, a large space, and then a set of front legs. Stand the horse about 45 degrees toward the sun so shadows will enhance the contours of the chest muscles or the rump and gaskins.

Background Choose Carefully

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Something that many people don’t think when taking photos is the backdrop. The backgrounds in your photo can have an important impact on your photos. If there is clutter in the background, it is going to take notice away from your topic. You can also try to use backgrounds which complement the color of your horse.

Get Sharp Action

Tips for Horse Photography

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The right shutter speed is significant to obtain that quick moving horse tack sharp. I usually set my camera manually to around 1/500 of a second for a sharp motion shot. With an automatic camera you can use the sports mode to help you get sharp in focus action. ! Only select the photos with a NICE appearance. Airplane ears, closed eyes, etc. make your horse look less than attractive.

Setting up the Pose

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When setting a horse up for a posed picture, typically the most gratifying shots are from the side. Different breeds have dissimilar habits they are usually presented for an image. Arabian horses, for example, are set up with both front legs even and the hind legs apart, with the near hind leg being behind the far hind leg.

Considering the Light is One Key Point

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Taking photos of horses should be done throughout mornings or evening hours since we will depend on the position of the light and its strength. When you are doing photo shoots during noon, the sun is up therefore it casts cruel and most of the time, unappealing colors and shadows.


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