Astounding Sky Views of Dubai City in Fog

Dubai's skyscrapers poke through thick fog

Fog photography isn’t very common among photographers. Shooting in fog is indeed a difficult proposition, as photos taken in such conditions often lack contrast and come out flat. This could very well be due to the light scattering properties of the fog or simply because your camera miscalculated the exposure. However, there are many examples of wonderful photographs captured when this natural phenomenon occurs. We as photographers tend to think too much about the importance of natural light for outdoor photography and sometimes miss the fact that we can obtain some great shots in difficult weather conditions too. Below we present to you a collection of Fog photography shots that would really took your breath away. We hope you enjoy your visit!

fog Photography

thick fog

The Dubai skyline is such a wonder

I wake up most mornings around 4am to look for the signs and smells of fog

The moisture in the morning cools and the fog start to appear.

Dubai's skyscrapers poke through thick fog

world's tallest building Photos

fog photos

Dubai's skyscrapers

thick fog

Images for fog


fog images

fog photography

tallest building and fog

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  • Toni Nelson

    These are all amazing. My favorite is #7.

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