Amazing Pencil Vs Camera Artworks by Ben Heine

Pencil Vs Camera Artworks by Ben Heine

Pencil Vs Camera Artworks by Ben Heine

According to Ben Heine I’ve been taking photos and drawing since almost 10 years. This « Pencil Vs Camera » series is nothing but the result of several years of graphic exploration and a logic consequence of my artistic evolution. But the real idea came by coincidence while I was watching television and writing a letter at the same time a few weeks ago. Reading my letter before putting it in the envelope, I saw in transparency the television behind the paper. I then realize it would be great to make something similar in a single image showing 2 different actions.

I went outside and Drew « Pencil Vs Camera 1 » which is very simple and shows 2 chairs with a small table. About ¼ of the scene is represented on the paper, the other ¾ happens on the photo. So this is roughly how the project started. In my other « Pencil Vs Camera » images, I tried to introduce weird elements on the paper (such as dinosaurs, ufo’s, double pair of eyes…) to contrast with the realism of the photo.

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  • I haz first comment!

    These are absolutely beautiful. It’s amazing how a portion that’s more simplistic in nature can present so much more in terms of imagination.

  • An interesting collection of imaginative work.

    Although the title is Pencil Vs Camera it seems that the two art forms blend well to create some interesting work.

    Art with a sense of humour. What a great combination!

    Nicely done.

  • Stunningly beautiful by a gifted and creative artist. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Mike

    Amazing. You sir have a gift. Continue to embrace it.

  • Nicolle Aponte

    i want to marry u!

  • anon

    this is so obviously faked, the hand and the drawings are added in photoshop and then traced the environment with an opacity layer and then doodled random shit on top, not a gifted artist, but a fun concept nonetheless

  • Joe

    Wow. I wish I could draw like you.
    You have a wonderful imagination and a great sense of humor.

    Thanks a lot – enjoyed watching your work.

  • Jess

    I love the concept – especially when you reversed it. It perfectly shows how this medium can be used to do something really original :)

  • Siaarn

    Okay yeah, these are great and all, but I’ve stumbled them like 90 fucking times now, come on people, stop adding the same things over and over, there’s more to life than abstract art.

    • Kataleena

      maybe you should spend your time developing your own art rather than stumbling so much then. This shit is awesome.

  • Fakefakefake

    What a bunch of fake, digital photoshop garbage.

    Make some real art you fake piece of trash.

    • Lese

      hey guess what get a hobby you troll this is NOT fake

    • your a dumbass

      bahaha yer a dick dude obviously just jealous cause yer a peas of shit who sits on his ass all day

    • Gracee

      Stop Being a Tw*t, Who cares if its fake or not? its amazing . Grow up and stop putting hate comments on works of art . Its disgraceful.

  • This is a clever and humorous idea. Whether it’s photoshopped or not, it’s still original and cool.

    • Holly

      This is amazing!!!!!!! I honestly don’t care if it is photoshopped or not, the artist still has immense talent. All of you who are saying this is fake and photoshopped keep your comments to yourself, because even if it was photoshopped you probably still don’t have the talent to pull this type of work off. This is true art so stop hating on it!

  • This is awesome!! Very creative and well done. This is the perfect artist.

  • fantastica serie!

  • Someone who cares

    OK people stop being so cynical, just because it looks amazing doesn’t mean it’s fake. Stop criticizing things just because you’re jealous.

  • Get A Life

    “Fake” comment = someone who obviously has no college degree or any understanding of Photoshop.

    • you’re a moron

      you’re wrong

  • Great stuff and imagination – let alone talent. Fun and creative – thank you – thumbed up and tweeted!

  • Luiza

    I think art means the original way you can say what you feel. I like very much your ideea. Good job!

  • wow – incredible…so incredible!

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  • mikey

    wow! these drawings are just absolutely amazing!! in some if it weren’t the black and what paper i wouldn’t have noticed that it was a drawing! it’s so astonishing that there is people that have such great power of creativity, that they have the time to think up these pictures. i think what he’s trying to say in these pictures is that, you can make anything happen.

  • I hate everyone

    Look its clearly photoshopped, dont get me wrong they’re good but claiming its pencil vs photos is a bit fake, he’s tried to put shadows on on photoshop which isnt hard atall i think if he had titled it digital art vs photo or something it’d be better also fuck you.

  • Angry internet man

    Look its clearly photoshopped, dont get me wrong they’re good but claiming its pencil vs photos is a bit fake, he’s tried to put shadows on on photoshop which isnt hard atall i think if he had titled it digital art vs photo or something it’d be better also dont comment on my comment because i dont care

  • UNBELIEVEABLE…can a person draw with such a flawless accuracy.

  • nanniereese

    All I can say is “WOW”

  • oh my goodness, these are truly amazing.
    I really have to hand it to you, they’re really nice…


  • Amanda

    This is amazing =)

  • Kristen

    That is a really cool idea! Even if they’re photoshopped its still an impressive original thing that I haven’t seen before. Very inspiring.

    I cant see how he could draw the scene (to the exact measurements of the objects in the photo) and then hold the paper up so it exactly fits. I think he draws it on top of the photo, then takes a picture of his hand holding the paper in front of the photo.

    So cool! I must try it.

  • Carson

    these are insane=D

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  • monik4u


  • Old Guy Who knows a thing or two

    The problem with untalented people is that they can’t imagine someone actually having talent. It is inconceivable to them. I know artist that are at least this good. Where do you think commercial art came from before Photo Shop? Illustrators are visually connected to the real world. They can make their hands create what their mind sees. Just because you can’t doesn’t make it impossible. M.C Escher didn’t use Photo Shop. If he were alive today many would make the same wrong conclusion. We live in a time of CGI and reality TV. That doesn’t mean everything you see if fake. It just means your life is diminished by believing it to be.

  • Pat

    Why are some so-called educated people so angry.Are they pissed at the fact that no matter how much money you throw at college diplomas it cannot teach you imagination or talent ? A wise philosopher once said ” If you want to get laid,go to university , if you want to learn and get a real education , go to a library. ” Frank Zappa

  • awesome just awesome

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  • dave

    I luv it:-)… Okay, it takes some photoshop to complete the pencil-photo collage, but it is still creative pieces of art ( good one of mickey 😉 ). A good scense of humor to imagine another scene in addition to the reality ( luv the bw field and color flowers in center:-). to the negative comment on fake… get a life! good work Ben keep it goin’ ! :-)

  • pallavi

    Amazing ……….. what a art

  • pallavi

    Amazing …………….

  • sleemfromrs


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  • Sally

    I’m sorry, but this IS art, its clear what he has done, he has found, or taken photos, then made this own addition to it, in the form of pencil drawings, then held them in front of the photograph and taken a photo so its looks as though he is holding it in the real position. Its amazing, flawless and completely credible, not only is it a new and exciting artist idea, it shows imagination, pure creativity and skill. I certainly commend this man for his ingenious idea and great perfectionist nature in pulling it off. Well done sir!

  • Lyssrae

    People get so heated. First of all, even if they are photoshopped to high-heaven (and it does look that way, and that shouldn’t necessarily be overlooked) that doesn’t lessen them in any way as pieces of art, and they’re wonderful, so get off your high-horse. On the other side of the coin, any art student SHOULD question the process as related to the title and whether or not they work conceptually as a whole. The title suggests a process that would excite any photographer, and I could see how a viewer would see these and feel let down. False advertisement, but beautiful none-the-less. Title should be pencil vs. camera vs. photoshop… or you should actually try what the title and the end images attempt to suggest: that the photo and drawing were shot at one moment.
    And why does everyone keep attacking others’ “talent”? this is all online, saying that someone lacks “talent” (something completely subjective) because of some harsh words makes you as, if not more immune to sensitivity than they… and less open to hearing the opinion of another. Disappointed that people are more concerned with their ego and being “right” than just enjoying this for what it is, art .

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  • Spartands

    Phenomenal work and great imagination.

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