A Showcase of Excellent Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is the taking of photographs of the ground from an idealistic position. The term usually refers to images in which the camera is not supported by a ground-based structure. Cameras may be hand held or mounted, and photographs may be taken by a photographer, activate remotely or automatically.

Beautiful example of Areail Photography

(image credit: Arial Photography)

Aerial Photography

(image credit: Excellent Aerial Photography)

The environment and surroundings around us have so many different patterns that are obscure on ground level, but once you lift up in the air you will check out a world of beautiful shapes. Architect and aerial photographer Alex MacLean captures some attractive photos through the window of an airplane. Alex exposed his love for aerial photography through a course he chooses while studying architecture at Harvard.

Arial Photography

(image credit: Arial Photography)

Colorful Aerial Photography that attracts the mostly people

(image credit: HownWow.Com)

Beauriful Aerial Photography on Sea

(image credit:Pierre Lesage)

Conquering Haze

Set your digital camera to its highest contrast. Look at your histogram; you’ll be stormed at how it tends to bunch up in the middle implying low contrast even if things look normal to you while flying. Develop your film for higher contrast. This also increases the speed of the film and allows faster shutter speeds. Lastly, for black-and-white, shoot through the reddest filter that provides you suitable light for a fast enough shutter speed. Haze and clouds are progressively worse as one gets towards the blue end of the spectrum. That’s why the sky is blue from the spread out blue light.

Attractive Aerial Photography that inspire the people

(image credit:Pierre Lesage)

Attractfull Aerial photography of green trees for great inspiration

(image credit:Pierre Lesage)

Aerial Photography that show beautiful houses in one photo

(image credit:Juan N Only)

Best Time of Day

Contrary to theories carry forward by some scientists, the Earth is actually quite flat. Aerial photos captured under midday conditions when the sun is high look very flat indeed. It is best to fly in the first or last hour of the day, when the sun’s angle will developed shadows that enable viewers to understand the shapes of the hills and structures in a photo.

Great Green Color Aerial Photography that is made with cutting grass

(image credit:AerialView101)

Creative Design of Grass capture in Aerial Photography

(image credit:Aerial Photography)

Film or Digital

As the aircraft circles the subject, you will be taking an exposure every second or two. From every 10 to 50 images captured, you’ll be selecting one to present or display.
Another advantage of digital is the preview capability. People aren’t usually at their shrillest in the unfamiliar environment of an aircraft. If you’re going to make a mistake in your photographic life, this is the most likely time and place. The ability to verify that your images are reasonably well displayed and focused is very welcome.

Delightful Green Photo that shows preety art of someone

(image credit:Aerial Photo)

Aerial Photography of animals in the field

(image credit: Aerial Photography)

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