5 Easy Ways to Get Creative Photos with a Fisheye Lens

fisheye lens

A fisheye lens is simply one of the greatest ways to obtain artistic and have an explosion with shooting. As far as lenses go, a fisheye is comparatively contemptible making them accessible to a wide group of photos.

Formerly used for meteorology to learn the sky and cloud formations, fisheye’s were initially called “whole-sky lenses.” These lenses rapidly became well-liked in the general photography field because of their fun and sole uses, and of course their extremely indistinct lines… Here are 5 creative ways to use fisheye lens for taking amazing photography.

1. Radial Blur

1. Radial Blur

Shooting a marriage reception with a fisheye lens can be a complete explosion. These receptions are typically in low down beam and are a challenge to obtain immense images out of. When I’m shelling a greeting, I obtain accurate in the center of the dance floor and just shoot away. To obtain this radial blur consequence, merely slow down your shutter speed to around 1/25th of a second. Next, you require spinning the camera 90 degrees counter clockwise. To do this, just crib the lens with your left hand while using your right hand to pivot the camera body around.

2. Exaggerate the Curvature of the Earth

Exaggerate the Curvature of the Earth

The further you move a thing or line to the rim of the border, the more indistinct it becomes. If you place the horizon in the middle of the frame, it will be completely straight crossways the whole picture. The exaggerate this bend; place the horizon hazardously close to the top of the frame. Just be cautious, you may obtain house and find your legs in the bottom of the frame .

3. Shoot Super Wide Landscapes without the Fisheye Look

Shoot Super Wide Landscapes without the Fisheye Look

Occasionally, a fisheye can be used just to capture all you desire in a sight. Sometimes, you don’t desire indistinct lines but still want that wonderful large viewpoint. If you have a landscape without directly lines you can sometimes location the lens in a way that it merely looks like an extensive angle lens. Just make certain your possibility is towards the middle of the frame.

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