34 Adorable Photographs of Surfing Dogs

Dog surfing is a breezy latest method to expend time with your individual. This fundamental dog activity is preliminary to bang, both recreationally and competitively, and what makes it dissimilar from all other dog games is that equally you and your individual must totally do jointly as a squad. The more you faith your two-footed buddy, the improved you’ll travel! Now, it’s a superior thought in the initial position that both of you be excellent open irrigate swimmers, particularly if you’re preparing to travel big influence. Wipeouts do occur, and doggie paddling isn’t forever sufficient when the waves gets ruff!

All wet and on camera

Gotta keep high

images of dog

Double doggy disaster


Surf Dog

I can do this in my sleep

Dog photos

Umm..getting a little close are we

dog surfing

Images of dog

When is this ride over?

Rubber Ducky..you're the one!

Dangit..my fro keeps falling off

Dogs Surfing

Dog bursts through a wave

Pug leaps into the water


dog surfing

Mmm..this surf tastes delicious

Sufr dog

Pink princess surfing

Shake it for the camera

Hot Dog

Dog Photos

Prancing Princess

this dog was part of the costume contest during the event

Dog images

I am living the life

Help..I'm sliding down!

Ahh..feel that ocean breeze

Surfing with my rubber ducky

Double doggy disaster

All these photographs are copyrighted to Nathan Rupert.

Nathan Rupert’ personal site.

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  • Nubia

    Most of these dogs look scared to me. I see it as dangerous for the defenseless animals. And placing shoes on their paws!! Do you know how bad this is for them, they need to feel the ground with their paws, they hate shoes. All of this verges on animal abuse to me. Do what you want with your body, but spare that defenseless creature. Swimming and fetching near the edge of the lake, ocean, whatever is finesnd they love it.

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