15 Adorable Baby Monkey Portraits

by Masashi Mochida

Today we are going to share some adorable photos of baby animals. While most people like the normal animals such as a dog, cat, fish, or bird, none of these are actually the most loved animal in the world. The most loved animal is more like a baby. They need to be nurtured as if it were a baby. These animal are believed by some to be extinct, and even though that is half right, we still call them monkeys. Yes, that is right, the monkey is the most loved animal in the world.

The monkey is the most loved animal in the world because they are hard to get and they act just like a baby. There are many agencies out there that offer monkeys up for adoption which gives everyone the opportunity to get their hands on a monkey. There are many exotic monkeys out there that are very hard to find, which hunters look for constantly because they know if they get one people will pay a lot for it.

15 Photos

by Masashi Mochida

by ~PrimalOrB

by ~melissajonckers

by Tambako the Jaguar

by Masashi Mochida

by Masashi Mochida

by ~HillbillyDeluxe

by Niranj Vaidyanathan

by ~melissajonckers

by Stella Solaris

by Jolanda van Tuijl

by Stephane Bailliez

by Stephane Bailliez

by ~photodream

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  • kessie

    thank you to the person who posted the beautiful collection of monkey pics, absolutely gorgeous

  • Marigold Van Buuren

    That settles it, I’m getting a monkey.

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