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The 20 Most Impressive Photos of October

The 20 Most Spectacular Pictures of October

It is not necessary to be the best photographer to make the incredible shot. Sometimes it’s enough to be at the right place in the right time and time to press the button of the ...
Young Saint Bernard Puppy on White Background

23 Of the Best Pictures of Adorable Animals Celebrating Their Birthdays

Humans not only celebrate their birthday parties, they also celebrate their animal birthdays. And here are some of the best examples of adorable animals celebrating their birthdays.
People and Their Bags: Amazing ‘Persona’ Photo Project by Jason Travis

People and Their Bags: Amazing ‘Persona’ Photo Project by Jason Travis

Jason Travis is a well experienced 29-year-old photographer and graphic designer from Atlanta, GA, U.S. He has created an amazing and unique photo project called “Persona”, in ...
Meet Fluffy Persian Cat Garfi The Angriest Cat in the World

Meet Fluffy Persian Cat Garfi: The Angriest Cat in the World

As we know that cats are considered the internet celebrities. Recently a new grumpy cat named “Garfi” surprised the world through her different anger styles. This Turkish Persian ...
Creepy Monster

20 Creepiest Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Very soon there will come one of the most frightening and creepiest events in the world called “Halloween”. In this regard, many people are now in search of cool costumes and make-up ...
Remarkable Examples of Friendship in the Animal World

27 Remarkable Examples of Friendship in the Animal World

All of us have friends. With someone of them we communicate only occasionally, and someone becomes for us like as family man, and we are willing to help them in difficult moments. ...

Astounding Wildlife Photography by Jassi Oberai

Self taught photographer Jassi Oberai was born in June 21, 1968 in Faridabad, Haryana, India. He is Official Canon Photo Mentor and brand ambassador. Though photographer grew up amongst ...

Absolutely Adorable Turtles in the Photographs of Christian Miller

Christian Miller is a graphic designer, artist and photographer born in Germany. Currently he is living and working in the tropical North of Australia. He is also a professional diver, ...

Quokka – the Happiest Animal in the World

Quokka is the only member of the genus Setonix, which is also known as short-tailed kangaroo. The smile of the animal allows many to call it really the happiest animal in the world. The ...
Glamburger by Honky Tonk Chef

Glamburger: Honky Tonk Chef Introduced the World’s Most Expensive Burger

Chelsea is one of the restaurants in London who offers its visitors a taste of the world’s most expensive burger called “Glamburger”, which cost is $1,768. 2,618 calories are ...
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